Ads Cortex system compares offers from ad networks
in real-time and shows ads with the highest eCPM

The service provides 100% fillrate. Your ad spots will be
always full and bring your the largest possible profit

Tool to manage ad networks in one place

+50% to your profit
from ad networks
Change ads without editing your website templates
Get detailed statistics for
your ads in realtime

35 advertising networks are already with us

Work with ad networks
with a single account
Get payouts without
any additional holds
Add your favourite ad
network by request

3 simple steps to set up Ads Cortex

Add your website
to Ads Cortex
Contact us to setup everuthing and add the site in your personal account
Link your accounts at the ad
networks with Ads Cortex
Import all your ad creatives from ad networks to AdsCortex
Add Ads Cortex zone
code on your website
Set codes on your website and get money directly from ad networks

Ads Cortex supports popular ad types

Instant messages
Slider (VAST)
Display banners
Direct links
Push notifications
Native banners
In-video (VAST)
In-page Push

Clear & Simple Pricing Plans

by default the
commission is 20%
of ad zones hits
high traffic
for high traffic partners
the commission is
15% of ad zones hits
trusted partners
for trusted partners
the commission is
10% of ad zones hits
traffic whales
for enterprise partners
the commission is
negotiated individually

An easy service to manage
all ad networks in one place

All major ad networks supported


You will receive payments from the ad networks

Most of the ad networks pay twice a month on 1 and 15
The minimum payment amount is most likely $50

Ads Cortex commission is kept on the ad zones level.

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